hamburger 2017, 14 Jul - 14 Aug

About GEM

It’s not hard to grasp the importance of such festival for our country and society as a whole, itscultural meaning is a top priority though. Each year, thousands of people gather in Anaklia, Georgia.  GEM Fest is all about dancing,celebrating the music, life, sharing ideas and positive energy.  Our stages are open for creative ambitions of both, the world class performers and emerging artists.  Choreographers, designers, photographers, cinematographers, musicians, composers, dancers, DJs, athletes, video, lighting and sound professionals – you are all invited to expose your talents in front of the audience in Anaklia.


GEM Fest was conceived as a multiplatform festival – a vivid event in cultural and social life.  An outstanding team of professionals from various countries turned the dream into reality.  Love for music, dance and life became our primary communication tool.  GEM Fest has yet to become the greatest event in the world of electronic music not only in Georgia, but also in the whole world.  And you – the partners, sponsors and the last but not the least – guests are the ones making it happen. 

GEM Fest 2017 is the longest lasting electronic music festival on the planet – full 32 days of music, fun and excitement! So pack up, and don’t forget to bring along your swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, sensible footwear and good spirits.  Coming to Anaklia, you’ll be met with great music, fiery dance, crazy fun and of course – complete freedom to express yourself. 


What could possibly be more lucrative than:  the Black Sea coast, stunning sunsets, electronic music world stars, DJs, performers, the Georgian cuisine and thousands of ravers from around the planet.  Doesn’t happen at one place?  Wrong!  We’ve got you covered with it!  The place and time is - GEM Fest, Anaklia, Georgia, July 14-August 14.  Want to jump in?  Read on.

Georgia is a country with millennia of culture, traditions and an extraordinary mix of various cultures.  It was crucial to launch an event, that would attract Georgians and foreigners alike.  We are determined to introduce the Georgian civilization, expose its musical and dance traditions, while aspiring to perceive and create something new and contemporary.  It’s been literally couple of years ago that the festival turned into a phenomenon.  GEM Fest hosts plethora of one of a kind and original artists.  It took effort and dedication to create the vibe of freedom, energy, stunning emotions and extraordinary friendliness. 

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