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Gem City Camping

Even the most dedicated raver can’t be cheating on a sleep forever. You’ll have to nap at some point. If you want to recharge the party monster inside you without ever leaving the site, we have got you covered. GEM City will accommodate up to 10 000 campers. It is spread in a green area close to the Main Stage. City is fully equipped with shower cabins, toilets, lockers, cell charging spots, security guards and cameras. Besides, there will be a pillow, a rubber and a blanket in every single one of them. A cot and a place to recharge will sound pretty spectacular after a day of traversing the fest.

For those who wish to camp in their own tents, there is plenty of space. Tent owners can negotiate with the locals to set in the backyards. Natives will be more than happy to accommodate your tent on their private property.

GEM Fest - Tent City


If you are looking for a full comfort and rest from the beach festival vibe in order to recharge your energy for nocturnal activities, we recommend staying in the hotels that provide the top notch service and the full comfortable rest. Anaklia has to offer the hotels for any taste. Spread along-side the Enguri River and the Black Sea this accommodation will guarantee comfort and at a great location - 3 minute drive from the very heart of the Gem Fest site.


B&B Guesthouses

In case you want to make your rave in Georgia even more Georgian you should go for the B&B guest house accommodation. The guest houses, as well as private rooms, are available for rent in Anaklia and Ganmukhuri village, close by the beach and Gem Fest site. You should know that they are neither fancy, nor luxurious but hardcore Georgian. The hosts will show you the depth of an authentic native living. And that is the experience money can’t buy!
Booking a guesthouse accommodation you should filter the search by both Anaklia and Ganmukhuri.

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