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When and where is GEM Fest held?

GEM Fest is an annual electronic music festival on the Georgian coast of the Black Sea in Anaklia-Ganmukhuri.  In 2017, the festival starts on July 14 and goes on till August 14.

How much do the festival tickets cost?

MultiPass costs 500 Georgian laris (207 $, 185  €), VIP Pass – 2000 laris (828 $, 737 €). For those who prefer shorter visits, we’ve created Week MultiPass (280 laris, 116 $, 102 €), 5-day MultiPass (250 laris, 103 $, 91 €), 3-day MultiPass (220 laris, 91 $, 80 €), VIP Week Pass (899 laris, 373 $, 334 €), VIP Weekend Pass (599 laris, 249 $, 223 €). We also have Single-Entry Passes (100 Laris, 41 $, 36 €) for specific days. You can find detailed information about the tickets in the Tickets section of our website:

Is there any age limit to visit the festival site?

Children under 12 are admitted to the festival for free. Youngsters aged from 12 to 18 need to have a ticket. All visitors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian.

Where are the GEM Fest 2017 tickets sold?

The tickets are available both online and offline. Online tickets can be purchased on our website, or on,,,, and other online platforms.  Offline tickets are sold in Tbilisi at GEM Fest head office (17 Paliashvili Street, 2nd Floor, Monday-Friday,10am-7pm), at Biblus Gallery Bookstore (7 Chavchavadze Ave., everyday, 10am-11pm), and at Tbilisi Concert Hall (Philharmonia) box office (1 Melikishvili Street, everyday, 10am-11pm). Tickets can also be purchased in Batumi at Biblus Gallery Bookstore (52 Memed Abashidze Street, everyday, 10am-11pm).

What is a Single-Entry pass?

The Single-Entry pass gives you the possibility to enter the festival from 9am on the date of your ticket. You can enter the festival site for only one time, attend all events and participate in all activities, and stay until you leave the area. If you exit the festival, you’ll need to purchase a new ticket to enter again. Single-Entry pass holders do not have access to the Tent City.

What is a MultiPass?

MultiPass is a multiple entry pass to all events and activities on the GEM Fest territory. A MultiPass allows you to visit the festival each day for the duration of the whole month, a week, 5 days or 3 days with the unlimited right of leaving and re-entering the festival area. MultiPass holders can also book tents and live in the Tent City.  The 1-month MultiPass holders may be granted invitations to closed events and parties, where availability is extremely limited.

What is a VIP Pass?

VIP Pass offers the same advantages provided by the MultiPass, plus a number of benefits to make your stay at the festival even more comfortable and special. Except VIP month, we also offer VIP Week and VIP Weekend Passes. Availability of VIP Passes is limited. For more information, please contact us at

When can I exchange my ticket for a personalized Pass?

The ticket exchange for a personalized Pass will start in Anaklia from July 12.

Can I return a ticket to the box office?

Unfortunately, the tickets are non-refundable, but you can give them to someone else.

Can I upgrade my ticket?

Yes, there is an upgrade option available on our website, enabling you to upgrade a 3 Day, 5 Day and Week MultiPass to 1-month MultiPass, which in its turn can only be upgraded to VIP Pass. Week MultiPass can also be upgraded to VIP Week Pass. For upgrading, you just need to pay the difference between the current price of your ticket and the current price of the ticket you want to upgrade to. Single-Entry Passes aren’t upgradable.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes, you can transfer your ticket to anyone, but only prior to exchanging it for a personalized pass.

Where will I stay during the festival?

You can stay in hotels, guesthouses or tents.  There are three hotels in Anaklia: The Golden Fleece, Palm Beach and Hotel Anaklia, however the number of rooms is limited.  In Anaklia and in Ganmukhuri, Bed&Breakfast and family type guesthouses are very common. You can book your stay in advance on and However, most of our guests prefer to live in our festival’s Tent City. The cost of a two person tent is 50 laris per night, plus a 10-lari deposit (which is refunded after the wristbands are returned). To book accomodation, visit the Accommodation section on our website, because new options are updating daily:

Can I come to the festival site with my own tent?

No, bringing in personal tents on the festival site is prohibited. However, the attendees can settle with their tents on private grounds, or courtyards of the locals upon receiving the owners’ permissions.

How do I get there?

Party Buses travel to the festival site from Batumi, Kutaisi and Tbilisi. The buses are modern and comfortable, and your ride will be complemented with non-stop music. Buses are scheduled twice a day on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To book Party Bus tickets, visit:

What about the food on the festival area?

There are 35 fast food restaurants, 20 bars and 10 restaurants offering Georgian and international cuisine.

How many stages are on the festival?

There are 8 stages on the festival area.

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